What is MAMEC?

The MAMEC course “Autonomous Mothers: Measures and Strategies to Reconcile Family and Work Life” is a project taught by the Madrid MAD for Europe organization with the participation of Italy, Greece and Croatia.

The program is aimed at those mothers who want to start their own business while at home taking care of their children. We will offer a free course that will include information on event organization, digital marketing and crafts and party decorations. In addition, we will spend a few hours learning technical English to apply it to the world of work.

The objectives of the MAMEC are:

– Develop personal skills that form the basis of a business mentality and behavior

-To sensitize the participants on the subject of self-employment and entrepreneurship as possible career options

-Increase skills and basic knowledge of specific business to start and run a business at home, a viable solution for women-mothers

-Develop necessary social skills: interpersonal, problem solving, initiative, digital and language skills, etc. that will help transform a knowledge into an efficient work behavior.